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When buying a Michigan home, you need a realtor who is clear, professional, and proactive. Here is what you can expect when working with me.

What you can expect when working together

Phone Consultation

In our initial conversation we will discuss your home requirements, your timeline, and expectations for our time working together. I will also get you set up with an MLS account so you can receive property leads directly that match your criteria.


Financial Planning

I have connections with quality lenders that can advise you on mortgages and pre-approval letters. My trusted lenders can help you figure out your home-buying budget and how much money you need to have liquid in order to close on a house.

Home Viewings

I can arrange virtual or in-person viewings of any properties that interest you. No matter whether you’re local, in-state, or out-of-state, I make the viewings work for you. 

Expert Insights

As we walk through potential homes together, I will be offering expert insights on areas that I notice to help you make an educated decision on whether this is the home for you.


Aggressive Negotiations

There’s more to an attractive offer than just money. I am able to make valuable home bids that take in to account more than just your budget in order to get you into your dream home.

With You Every Step

I am available regularly to answer questions or deal with any concerns. Reach out via text, phone, or email, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

As a first time home buyer, Beth was the best resource we could have had. She answered all of our questions and was very patient with us throughout the whole process. She responds in minutes to any request and has showings lined up for whatever house you want to see within minutes as well. She is professional, knowledgeable, and respected in the field. Without her, we would not have been able to purchase our first home! Beth truly goes the extra mile to help her clients. She even scoped out homes ahead of time to see if they were worth showing us. She is dedicated to every client she represents and will fight for you to get the best home at the best price. I highly recommend Beth for all home buyers (or sellers!) looking to make a change in their life.


Veronica W, Home Buyer 2020

home buyer smiling at the camera

YOU GOTTA GO WITH HER. When you’re ready to get serious about purchasing a home, Beth is already showing you 5 places in your budget WITH the amenities you want. I highly recommend, not only her services, but her suggestions. Because that will get seller to go with you and to close the quickest WITH the best negotiated deal she brings to the table, especially in this fierce market. No joke, we submitted our offer, with her added suggestions, the seller accepted in 3 days, and her preferred lender closed us out in 22 days! NOT 45 days which was the next shortest closing time among 6 lenders we researched.

Andrew M, Home Buyer 2020

home buyer smiling widely at the camera

The Process For Buying A Home

Regardless if you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned home-buying professional, I am available to assist with your home search.

  • Initial Consultation

    To begin, we will have a conversation to discuss what stage you’re at, your needs, and where you want to be and when

  • Financing

    If necessary, I can connect you with a reputable lender to discuss mortgage options. They will help you to get pre-approved so we can move as quickly as possible once you find your dream home

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    Viewing Properties

    Once ready, we will schedule and attend home viewings together. During the walkthrough, I’ll highlight any concerns and provide advice. This way, you can enter the negotiation fully armed with the facts

  • Bidding Strategy

    If you choose to bid on a property, we’ll first discuss our negotiating strategy. We will go through everything in our favor to ensure our offer is the strongest it can be

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    Once the seller accepts our bid, I’ll put you in touch with a professional home inspector so they can take care of the necessary next steps

  • Closing

    After you are satisfied with the condition of your new home, we’ll take care of some paper work and set a closing date and location. On closing day, you’ll become the official new homeowner! 

Let’s talk about your move


Buying a property can be complex, but it doesn’t need to be. Together, we can make it straightforward and match you with the property of your dreams. Fill in the contact form below so we can get started.

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