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How to buy a new home before selling your current one


What You Can Expect  

I don't want to just sell your home. That would be way too easy. I want to sell it for the highest profit to you as possible and give you a hassle-free experience of the process from now until closing (and beyond).

My goal is for you to LOVE the process of selling your home. If we follow my steps for a successful sale, I know you’ll be happy with the results, and equally as important to me, you’ll enjoy every step of the process along the way.

Selling your home requires an honest evaluation. This can be very hard to do since how we live in our homes is very different then how we sell homes. 


of buyers’ agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to ‘visualize’ the property as their future home


agents recommend that sellers declutter their home before putting it on the market


of sellers’ agents say that staging a home decreases the amount of time a home spends on the market

Before and After

Taking the time to prepare your home for sale makes a difference 

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Love Selling Your Home Guide

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home and feel stressed by the process, then this Love Selling Your Home Guide is for you! In this guide, you’ll get great tips, tactics that work, and some best kept secrets I share with my seller clients. Why? Because I want you to sell your home for the most profit possible, with as little stress as possible AND love the process every step of the way.


There Is More To Selling A House Than Just Putting It On The MLS...

Once we've made your house shine, I put my Formula for a Successful Sale into action.

My Formula For A Successful Sale includes: 

  • Prepping Your Home
    This topic deserves an entire webpage, it’s that important! But, prepping doesn’t have to be time consuming, stressful or expensive. Don't worry...I got you!

  • Proper Pricing
    Remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Well, just like in that story, the price of your home can’t be too high or too low, it needs to be juuuust right. I’ll explain how to do that and help YOU decide what price to set.

  • Strategic Staging
    My trusted stage will walk through the property to determine what staging is needed, if any, in order to attract more buyers and put more money in your pocket.

  • Professional Measured Square Footage
    When I list a home, I pay extra to have the square footage professionally measured so that we can use the larger square footage in our marketing AND it also helps with the appraisal part of the process once you go under contract, helping the property sell AND appraise for top dollar.

  • Floor Plans
    Buyers LOVE having floor plans as a take-away so they can measure their furniture when they get home and see where it fits in each room. Once they can see how their life would work in your home, they are more likely to make a stronger offer.

  • Professional Photography
    As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and I would say it’s worth a whole lot more! These days, the photos have to be PERFECT in order to bring buyers to your home.

  • 3-D Tours
    In addition to just plain photos, these days buyers also want to be able to “walk-through” a home without having to physically walk-through. Providing a 3-D tour builds trust with buyers because they feel like they can see every part of your home, not just want one dimensional photos provide.

Wait, There's More

  • Pre-Listing Inspections
    Sometimes my sellers want to make sure nothing large appears during the inspection period when their home is under contract, so they opt to do an inspection before their home hits the market. It gives my sellers peace of mind and can eliminate a lot of hassle during the under contract phase.

  • What we’ll miss most letter
    Buyers LOVE this marketing piece. This is something we’ll work on together, but the whole point is for YOU, the person who has loved living in this home, shares all the wonderful things about what makes this home, in this location so special. It helps buyers really begin to visualize what life in your home will be like that isn’t already obvious—things beyond what they can see.

  • Open Houses
    I use them as a way to get direct feedback from buyers to bring back to you. It’s amazing what we can learn directly from buyers and how honest they will be with their feedback. The other reason I do open houses, is because, if entered into the MLS correctly, it gives your home another “ping” on the apps, bringing more buyer's eyes to your home.

  • Social Media Marketing Advertising
    You never know where you’ll find your perfect buyer. Sometimes they aren’t actively looking for a home. So, instead of just throwing it on the MLS and hoping they see it, I actively go out looking for THEM. Social media is a way to find buyers who maybe took a break from looking or just were distracted with other things and aren’t on the MLS to see your listing.

  • Proper Timing
    Did you know there is a perfect day of the week and even time of the day to list a home? There is! This one is my listing secrets so I’m going to keep it under wraps until closer to when you are ready to list your home.

All of the above are part of my services and I handle all the logistics for everything—from coordinating schedules to meeting people at your home to making sure everything runs smoothly every step of the way.

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