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How to buy a new home before selling your current one


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Fire Prevention Tips for Your Home

Have you given enough thought about fire hazards in your home and how best to protect yourself? Even if you think you’re prepared — kudos if you’ve got a home fire extinguisher handy — it’s still important to be extra careful.  Take the time to know what you need to look out for in your […]

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Do You Have Enough Homeowner's Insurance?

You never know if and when something will happen — whether it’s a big catastrophe or something less destructive – so you need to be prepared! It’s essential to choose the right company, the right price, and the right coverage for your specific situation.   Keep in mind, homeowners insurance is really a collection of different […]

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How Accurate Is my homes online estimate

Who hasn’t checked out online real estate sites for price estimates of their home, a neighbor’s home, or even a beach house when on vacation?  Most of us are guilty as charged! It’s easy to see why these sites and apps are tempting since buyers and sellers can get marketing information directly to their fingertips. However, […]

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You Can Sell Your Home in the Summer

Sometimes you have no choice on when you need to sell your home — a job transfer, you saw another home you really want to buy, or you have an unexpected life change.    Selling in the “off-season” — such as summer — isn’t ideal, but it can be done, and it’s imperative it’s done the […]

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Blog Cover Photo - "Must Do Vacation Prep For Your Home"

Whether you’re a meticulous vacation planner or more carefree, you don’t want to be laissez-faire when it comes to leaving your home. No one wants to be enjoying a day at the beach and then have that feeling that something is amiss at home.  That’s why the pre-vacation prep of your home is a necessary […]

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Summer To-Do's for your home - inside and out!

Can your home and yard handle the summertime heat and humidity? Don’t neglect certain tasks that will protect your home and let you enjoy it to the fullest when summer is here. Keep It Cool Even if it’s hot outside and you want to keep in cool inside. Get your A/C system serviced professionally. Get you […]

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Tips on Home Security from A to Z

Did you know you could make your home less appealing to burglars and prevent many property crimes? Here’s a breakdown from A – Z on what you should know about making your home more secure and safe.  You’ll find lots of options and tips — some that come with a heftier price tag and may […]

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Say Good-bye to Your PMI

When you bought your home, you might have had to get Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).   If so, you might have been paying it for a while and it could be time to petition your lender to stop this payment requirement. For a quick recap — PMI is insurance that protects the lender in case you […]

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Spring Cleaning Must Do's

Both the inside and outside of your home could use a good once-over to make it look its best and keep it well-maintained. And that’s why “spring cleaning” and other seasonal prep work should be at the top of your to-do list for the weeks ahead. You want to fully enjoy your home and yard once […]

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5 Reasons Spring Is Best for Selling Your Home

Selling your home in the spring is usually best for most homeowners.  The time of year isn’t just blooming with flowers but also buyers! Starting in March and going through June, the local real estate market is booming! Just about anyone who is looking for a home is hitting open houses. If you’re thinking of selling your […]

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